About us

A1 Trip Connection is a family-owned business. A1 Trip Connection offers a wide variety of leisure tours along the East Coast.  We are always trying to add and  expand our trips. Basically we are always thinking of a new way to make a trip more exciting and provide more on the trip for our customers. Its a work in progress all the time. Our mission is to provide an affordable, family-oriented trip for our customers with plenty of fun. We are always adding trips to add the fun for all. We very much welcome all trip ideas you may have that we could add to our always growing list. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering a variety of venues for our customers
  • Ensuring that provisions are made for our customers to experience an “hassle-free”  getaway whether it is a day trip or extended travel excursion
  • Developing business opportunities that allow us to offer unique travel services to our customers that meet travel leisure needs
  • Establishing our company as the premiere service provider for leisure travel
  • Operating continuously in compliance with industry principles and standard A1 Tour Connections vision is to focus on diverse customer leisure travel service creating the best values in all arenas of travel with an aim to become one of the leading tour companies in the region.

Our customers can enjoy an excursion without worrying about parking fees, gas & toll costs and can relax while they are away!  We do it all for you!!    We contract with established Charter Bus Companies and we use their buses and drivers. You can always contact us by phone : 607-743-8882 or by Email at brianrorick20@gmail.com