Our Policies

Ticket Policies: Tickets will be provided to customers upon boarding the bus on the date of departure for all events . Tickets are counted in front of you upon boarding the bus.  Once tickets are received. A1 Trip Connection is not responsible for tickets lost, stolen, or damaged. If you take 3 trips with us your 4th is totally free.       Selling out: Some trips do sell out very quickly. So, it is recommended that trips are purchased as soon as possible!!                      

Family Friendly Trips: We provide a family friendly trip.  There is NO SMOKING on the bus at anytime. A1 does not provide alcoholic beverages during any trip.     We do add extra things totally included in your purchase price.   Things such as food vouchers. But, because every trip can't be guaranteed to have the extra we like to look at it as a little extra surprise for our customers.  We do provide drinks and snacks on the bus totally free included in the trip.  Alcohol is allowed on our trips. But, customers need to clean up any cans, bottles or mess that they make during the trip. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED ON THE BUS!!                                                            Cancels a Trip: If A1Trip Connection should cancel a trip for any reason, a full refund will be given. We never wanna cancel a trip. But, we do realize curtain obstacles could arise such as not enough people purchasing a certain trip.             About the bus: The bus is equipt with a DVD player and we play movies on the trip. The bus has a bathroom and Wifi throughout the bus.  Travel Policy: A1 Trip Connection cannot be held responsible for the actions of customers traveling, bus companies, hotels, brokers or airlines and not responsible for injuries that occur on the trip. A1 Trip Connection does not tolerate offensive behavior of any sort from customers.  If there is a situation that occurs, it must be immediately reported to the bus driver to be handled.  We are not  responsible for handling situations that we are unaware of after the trip is concluded.   In order for a situation to be handled, it must be reported.A1 Trip Connection & the bus driver reserves the right to refuse to transport any person(s) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is such as to make him/her objectionable to other passengers or the safe operation of the chartered coach.  No vulgar or abusive language or rowdiness is allowed!   A1 Trip Connection is not responsible for persons not reporting back to the bus at scheduled time.  We do our best and give plenty of time for all travelers to arrive back at the bus in time for departure.  Seat and ticket location: typically our concert and event tickets are General Admission. But, we do everything possible to work with venues to get great seats closer if possible. Every time tickets are ordered we try to get the best for the price. We would like to always get great up front seating but we also want to keep our trips affordable for all and keep our prices as low as possible. We want everyone to be able to go on our trips and enjoy at a affordable price.                            Stops on the way: We typically try to stop for approximately 30 minutes on the way to a location at a restaurant of some kind for our customers to get something to eat if they choose too.                                          Items on the bus:  You can bring as many bags or items as you want on the trip just as long as you can fit them in the overhead storage area or in your seating area. The aisle can not be blocked.